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XIBOBA is a local brand featuring Taiwanese style boba drinks. First established in 2019, XIBOBA offers premium quality yet the most affordable boba drink in Indonesia. Inspired from the word Xi Yue which means Joy or Happiness, XIBOBA aims to bring happiness from every sip of it through the iconic Taiwanese taste.


Here in XIBOBA, the menu features ingredient that is a local favorite, which is Brown Sugar. To follow the nature of dynamic trend changes, XIBOBA tirelessly innovate in order to keep track with customers’ aspirations and just recently, collaborate with Nescafe to introduce the popular Dalgoba Series,

a combination of the viral ‘Dalgona’ and Boba. Our goal is to always make sure to serve the freshest boba drinks. In addition, we conduct regular quality control to ensure consistency and precision. For market expansion, XIBOBA has established more than 240 outlets all around Indonesia in just a year. 

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