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XIJI Street Snack is everybody’s favorite local food chain featuring popular Taiwanese street snacks. Inspired from the word Xi Yue which means Joy or Happiness. Through its Taiwanese taste, XIJI desires to offer happiness from every bites of its Taiwanese taste.


Not only delivering an outstanding and mouthwatering Taiwanese style delicacy, XIJI offers snacks at an affordable price while provides the best food quality. All products are 100% Halal. Prepared the way they do over in Taiwan, the menu features authentic favorite such as XXL Crispy Chicken and combines with current local trend snacks such as Crispy Dory and Crispy Chicken Skin. Customers will also have 5 different flavors to choose from for their snacks, namely Signature Mala (Hot), Truffle, BBQ, Seaweed and Original. 


XIJI is a sister brand of XIBOBA, the largest boba joint in Indonesia. With the combination of XIJI and XIBOBA, we are serving one of the best Taiwanese style snacks and drinks.


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